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One of RCMA’s longest serving employees announces retirement


The kitchen just won’t be the same when Velma Adame hangs up her apron for the last time. Velma, the Food Program Manager at RCMA’s Rollason Office in Immokalee, recently announced her retirement after spending 42 years of committed service to RCMA. She provides oversight for the RCMA USDA nutrition program statewide. Velma supports 17 Health Workers and Health Specialists, plus 72 cooks and food transporters.

“I have truly been blessed serving the children, families and staff at RCMA with love and compassion,” she says. “This has been like a home for me. I love everyone here.”

Velma was born in Matador Texas in 1956. As a child Velma aspired to be an actress and then a nurse. Velma lived in Idaho and then settled in Immokalee. In her adolescent years she traveled through states to harvest with her family. At the age of nine she took care of her younger siblings while her parents worked in the fields.

“I had my own little daycare center,” she recalls. “ I cooked, cleaned, washed clothes, and took care of my brothers and sisters.” During this time, she found she had a passion for cooking, a passion that has stayed with her since.

Not only an amazing cook, she likes to bake cookies and decorate them with her grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. The recipes she uses are from her grandmother taught to her when she was very young. She is passing on the tradition (and the recipes) to the next generations in her family.

For retirement, Velma will continue to volunteer for the events at her church, her children’s and grandchildren’s school events, and also at RCMA events as well. The entire RCMA family wishes Velma a wonderful retirement, and is deeply grateful for her many years of service.