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Connecting with others who’ve shared much of the same journey in life provides us with a sense of community and belonging. It also helps us build strong networks of like-minded people working toward common goals. If you’d like to reconnect with fellow alumni, we welcome you to join our community of others who’ve grown as a result of RCMA’s help. Just fill out the form here and you’re in!

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    Are you an Alum that wants to give back?

    You’ve come so far since your childhood days in RCMA. Now you have the opportunity to give back to a family that guided you on your path to a life more fully lived. Either by donating time or financial resources, your help makes a way for those following in your footsteps.

    Alumni Spotlight

    Meet the inspirational alumni that exemplify what’s possible when people are given the freedom and resources to fully pursue their dreams. Their stories fuel our passion to provide care and guidance to an even greater number of families.