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RCMA Celebrates Black History Month

RCMA Celebrates Black History Month

Each February, the United States celebrates Black History Month, a national commemoration of the contributions and achievements that Black people have made throughout our nation’s history. RCMA teachers worked collaboratively during the month to bring awareness to the historical events and important figures from the Black community.

Black History Month celebrations serve as a reminder of the many contributions of African Americans. During the month, RCMA encouraged students to learn more about this important part of our nation’s history and the Black Americans that helped shape the world we all live in today.

Students throughout the RCMA centers celebrated Black History Month with a variety of activities. Teachers read to the students about historic black figures. As a result, students got the chance to learn lots of information about important milestones in history. Many art projects drew on the creativity of our students, created collages with phrases like “I have a dream” and “We are all ONE but different. Different but the same.”

Other activities included posting pictures and captions describing the works of historic black figures. Many of the students learned that we are all different but together we are one! Some students even participated in MLK and Black History Month parades! It was a fantastic month of learning for our students.