Scholarship application now open. Apply before May 5, 2023

Apply before May 5, 2023*

Krome Educational Fund Scholarships are available to individuals who are:

  1. An employee of RCMA (minimum three years) at the time of their application and a former farmworker, or
  2. Children of those employees of RCMA, or
  3. Children of other farmworkers, if the children have been cared for in some manner by RCMA (i.e. alumni)

*Completed applications must be submitted, received via email, or postmarked by May 5, 2023. Applicants will be notified of determination by end of May 2023. IMPORTANT: Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Alumni Fernando Rodriguez Transparent

Meet Fernando Rodriguez

Krome Educational Fund Scholarship Recipient

As a child, Fernando Rodriguez was encouraged to do well in school, but it wasn’t easy as part of a migrant working family, moving schools three times a year. He first became part of the RCMA family at a center in Quincy, FL, and later volunteered at RCMA to earn service hours in high school. After receiving his master’s degree in architecture, he’s now working on bigger goals – first, a doctorate, then opening an architectural firm. His journey is truly an inspiration to us all at RCMA.



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Krome Scholarship

About the Krome Educational Fund Scholarship

The Krome Educational Fund was established by William H. and Phoebe Krome. William “Bill” H. Krome, RCMA’s former President and Director, raised the agency’s budget from $38,000 up to $21 million, providing mainly assistance to farmworkers’ children. A continuation of William and Phoebe Krome’s legacy, Medora Krome serves as RCMA’s President of the Board of Directors.

Today the Krome Educational Fund Scholarship helps people from farmworker backgrounds, including their children, have a better life. Those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend college will receive financial assistance with the costs. Up to $2,500 is awarded to the recipient(s).

Krome Scholarship



We invite you to become a donor and/or to establish a scholarship to advance the education and opportunities of a person or persons who might not otherwise be able to afford college.

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Krome Educational Fund Scholarship applications are open now must be submitted via email, received online, or postmarked by May 5, 2023. Applicants will be notified of determination by end of May 2023. Get started now!

Redlands Christian Migrant Association (RCMA) administers the Fund under guidelines established by the RCMA Board of Directors.