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Your Donations Open Doors

Family Donation

It’s that time again when I join you in reflecting on the year that is wrapping up and the one that is about to begin.

I am filled with awe at what you have helped us accomplish. First and foremost, keeping thousands of children in their classrooms and supporting their parents as they focused on keeping their families strong and well.

Among countless other measures of success, your generosity ensured that RCMA’s class of rising kindergartners in 2021 – 70% of whom are English Language Learners, 10% benefitting from an Individualized Educational Plan addressing a learning disability – significantly exceeded developmental growth expectations by nearly a year.

At our charter schools, your partnership encourages our scholars in kindergarten through 8th grade to maintain their enthusiasm for learning. Multiple times a day, they give us glimpses of the bright futures they are capable of creating for their families and our communities for generations to come.

Take a moment to read the story below of one of the families that benefited from your kindness over the last year. You’ll see how your help multiplies for the families that receive it – and you’ll see why I’m filled with so much gratitude for your philanthropic spirit.

Isabel GarciaAs we all reflect on our blessings over the past year, I’m writing to ask that you consider making a tax-deductible donation to RCMA. I’m confident in saying that there is no other organization able to leverage your support as deeply and effectively as RCMA does. There is no better way to finish off a tough year than by supporting our children and families.

Thank you for considering my request.

Wishing you all the best during the holidays,
Signed by Isabel GarciaIsabel Garcia | RCMA Executive Director

RCMA Supports Families When Life Crashes In On Them

A car accident where the driver and passenger are both airlifted to the hospital is serious.

When the accident involves RCMA parents who don’t speak English, the situation becomes even more complicated.

This is why RCMA supports our families beyond education.

Mrs. Reina Torres and Mr. Ernesto Alegría have four children ages 4 to 17, including two still in our programs. Both parents have served on our Policy Council and volunteered in other ways with us. In March of 2020, the parents were in a bad car accident – their car was totaled – and they spent three nights in the hospital.

After five weeks, Mr. Alegría was able to go back to work on a farm where he helps with planting and drives a tractor.

Mrs. Torres, who also works in the fields, was unable to work for six months.

RCMA reached out to the family to assess their needs and ensure the children continued their routines at our child development center.

The nature of the couple’s work did not guarantee any type of benefits, so the family was relying on their income, which was diminished. This situation is common with RCMA families, and we are always ready to step in and help. Thanks to generous donors like you, RCMA was able to provide cash assistance so the family could pay their rent and utilities. We also provided food and connected the family with other support agencies for additional assistance.

“Without RCMA, the family would have felt lost, because they don’t have any family here and always come to us when they need help,” says Laura A. Cortez, Assistant Center Coordinator at RCMA’s child development center in Florida City.

“This family is very grateful for the support they received from RCMA,” she says. “They work very hard and are always involved in their children’s education, but they still need a lot of support from us.”

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