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View the 2021 holiday performance by our WCA scholars

WCA Christmas 4

Watching children sing and dance in costume is a highlight of any holiday season! This year our Wimauma Community Academy scholars performed their Christmas “Posada” featuring holiday songs from around the world. It’s the cutest concert you’ll see!

Watch the preview here and the entire 30-minute show here.

This year the songs are all in Spanish and originate from different countries, including Venezuela.

“The music teacher, Jacqueline Garcia, is from Venezuela,” says Marcela Estevez, Director of Student Affairs at WCA, “and she chose beautiful music and songs.”

One song has a Caribbean/Brazilian melody. And, of course, there’s the classic “Feliz Navidad.”

RCMA’s charter schools provide students with a bilingual, bicultural curriculum.

“They learn about different traditions,” Marcela says.

The concert was videotaped and shown to both the scholars while at school and during a Zoom meeting open to all parents.

“Even though there are some families who do not celebrate Christmas, we try to show parents and children that Christmas, Posadas and New Year are celebrations full of traditions,” Marcela says,  and that we are being grateful for a wonderful year that ends and a new one that begins, always full of hope.”

Many thanks to Ms. Jackie and the K-5 students for all their hard work practicing since September, and all our teachers and teacher assistants who helped, especially with costumes and dressing.

We hope you enjoy the show!