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Stress relief and team building are fun for RCMA staff

MLK CDC mental health day Nov 2021

Stress relief and team building are fun for RCMA staff.

We know it’s important for everyone’s mental health to take a break from thinking about work, obligations at home, dashing around doing errands and all of life’s pressures.

It’s also a way for staff members who work in the same location but not necessarily together to strengthen their bonds, which leads to even better communication and support for our children and families.

“It’s good to do something together outside the norm that everyone enjoys,” says Connie Cody, center coordinator of our Martin Luther King Child Development Center in Sebring. “It really helps with teamwork. We work together and help each other, as everyone has a talent.”

This month, the center staff used gems, pearls and beads to creative festive designs such as a Christmas tree, star and stocking.

Next month, they will hold either an ice cream social or enjoy no-bake desserts.

RCMA staff hold these mental health breaks for about two hours after the children have gone home or during a teacher in-service day. The entire staff participates, including teachers, family support workers, cooks and food transporters.

Connie encourages everyone to try simple crafts. “You focus on the idea and putting the craft together,” she says, noting that this distracts your mind for a little while.