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RCMA is a Lifelong Career for Most Staff

Estela Rodriguez

Each year, we recognize approximately 300-400 of our 1,600 employees for their years of service on big anniversaries.

It’s a wonderful way to acknowledge them, inspire existing employees and attract new applicants, who see that longevity and know RCMA is a great place to work.

Of RCMA’s 1,309 full-time employees, there are 616 (47%) with 10 or more years of service. Those employees have an average of 20 years of service.

It is interesting to note that 63 employees have 30 to 39 years of service, and 6 employees have 40 or more years of service.

This spring, we recognized employees who met these milestones in 2021:

1 year = 118

5 years = 59

10 years = 40

15 years = 29

20 years = 33

25 years = 12

30 years = 9

35 years = 2

40 years = 1

50 years = 1

Employees with 1-year, 5-year and 10-year anniversaries are celebrated locally at their child development center, charter school or state office department.

At the 15-year mark, employees receive a plaque. Beginning at 20 years, we provide a monetary bonus commensurate with their dedication to RCMA.

Marbelia Zamarripa
Marbelia Zamarripa

When our board meetings were held in person, we also invited staff with 20 or more years of service to attend, enjoy a luncheon and receive personal thanks for RCMA leadership for their commitment.

This year, we created a video featuring the name and photo of each employee who has worked with us for 15 years or more.

Among those being highlighted are Marbelia Zamarripa, the Regional Director for our South Region, who has worked with us for 40 years, and Estela Rodriguez, a Health Worker in our Highlands Area Office, who has worked with us for 50 years.

“The strength of RCMA is our employees,” says Executive Director Isabel Garcia, who herself has worked at RCMA for 34 years. “We build relationships with our children, our families, our communities and our co-workers. Together, we create opportunities for everyone to succeed.”