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RCMA Awarded $20,000 grant to support Early Childhood Specialist

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RCMA received a $20,000 grant from Quail Valley Charities in Vero Beach to support the Early Childhood Specialist (ECS) at Children’s House in Vero Beach. The project looks to increase the quality of educational support services to RCMA teachers at the center level by hiring a full-time Early Childhood Specialist. With knowledge and experience in early childhood development and education, this Specialist will train and offer guidance and professional development to strengthen teachers’ skills and methods.

“This is the 8th consecutive year of funding to support our centers in the Indian River community,” said Vicky Zamarripa, Center Coordinator at Children’s House. “This project supports our mission by creating an atmosphere in which the children we serve benefit from having teachers who are able to make full use of High Scope Curriculum and COR Advantage assessment tools. These are widely used and known to be highly effective in preparing children for kindergarten. By having a full-time ECS in RCMA’s Indian River classrooms, we will continue to offer children the opportunity for optimal educational and lifetime outcomes.”

RCMA is extremely grateful to the Quail Valley Charities and their support in helping RCMA provide a bilingual, bicultural curriculum to more than 6,500 children statewide annually.