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Career Speakers Encourage Our 8th Graders

Career speaker at WCA Mike Facundo around 2022 a

Middle school students at our Wimauma Community Academy discover career options and how to pursue these dreams from more than a dozen business professionals who visit throughout the school year to discuss their jobs.

During a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation followed by a 10-minute Q&A session, our 8th grade scholars learn what people like best and least about their career, what degree or training was required, and what type of equipment, if any, is used with that occupation.

Career speaker at WCA Mike Facundo around 2022 b

Last year’s speakers included a delivery room nurse, an airline pilot, an architect, an engineer, a soil scientist, a college career counselor, and someone working in television production. The students also heard from the principal of our Immokalee Community Academy and the resource officer at our Wimauma Community Academy, who was a police officer in New York City.

Based on student interest, several of these speakers have been asked back. But we also need new speakers on different topics. Laura Gaston, our Graduate Support Coordinator, is looking for people working in the following jobs:

  • Baker
  • Finance, such as banking or accounting
  • Nurse
  • Professional athlete (preferably a soccer player) or coach
  • Surgeon
  • Veterinarian

We like speakers to discuss a variety of jobs because it is important for our students to see that there are multiple paths to success. Speakers make presentations on weekdays from September through March at 9:30 a.m. to approximately 40 8th grade students at Wimauma Community Academy. Laura says speakers of all ages are welcome, but she finds that the students relate best to younger business professionals.

Career day speakers are just one way we help interest scholars in college and careers. We take them on college tours, use a career assessment program that helps them discover what they are most interested in and are skilled at, and stay in touch through their high school years to encourage them to pursue post-secondary education.

To learn more about becoming a speaker about any of the careers mentioned above or an in-demand career that you have pursued, please contact Laura Gaston at laura.gaston@rcma.org or 813-672-5159.