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RCMA Crescent City Child Development Center

RCMA offers free childcare and VPK that provide dual language early childhood education beyond daycare in a safe, loving environment. RCMA also operates two, free K-8 charter schools with three more planned.

RCMA began in Putnam County in 1981.

The area has 4 Child Development Centers located in Putnam County. Over 202 children ages 6 weeks to 5 years of age are served through Head Start. Children with disabilities are mainstreamed into age-appropriate classrooms.

Families are offered opportunities to grow and learn, and are an integral part of decision making in centers. Ongoing training for teachers and family support staff is provided.

Thanks to many community partners, emergency needs of families are also addressed. More resources continue to be needed to expand services to families and their children.

RCMA Crescent City Child Development Center
849 Bay Lane, # N-2
Mailing address: 849 Bay Lane, #N-2
Crescent City FL 32112